Intimacy & Exposure: The Alchemy of Photography

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
May 15-20, 2016

Photography is a profound exchange of light energy. Yet in this age of unprecedented picture taking and sharing, we're often blind to the ways in which the camera can help us experience truer connection and even transcendence. In a time of virtual and hyper connectivity, how can we bring a deeper awareness to the photographic process to enrich our art and lives?

At every step, photography is a balancing of relationships (light and shadow, time and space, subject and object, seen and unseen), the union of which brings forth a still moment and new creation. In this way, the camera becomes an alchemical tool for both distilling and dissolving duality.

This workshop is a dive into the natural beauty of Esalen and Big Sur, and offers the opportunity for hands-on creativity while challenging basic assumptions about how we see and engage with our environment. Daily photo assignments and group feedback encourage deeper intimacy with place and people, and highlight our unconscious personal patterns. The principles we discover through photography are metaphors and guides for living.

Facilitated by photographer and visual anthropologist Andy Abrahams Wilson, the workshop is best suited for people with at least a beginner's understanding of photography, but all levels can find a comfortable fit. Bring your own digital SLR camera and photo editing software like iPhoto. Or, if you'd like to experiment with your iPhone or iPad camera, that's okay too. Enrollment is limited for an optimal and intimate group experience. To see a video collage of work by past workshop participants work, click here

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